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Dated: 04 January 2010

Potholes - Danger Under The Ice


A new year is here, but the bad weather is still the same and with weather experts telling us that the worst is yet to come, driving on the roads is as bad this winter as it has been for a long time. Seems dire doesn’t it? Well there’s more! We don’t wish to be a bunch of naysayers bringing down your holiday high, but a new problem is also raising its ugly sworn-enemy-of-driving head. Of course, we refer to the pothole.

Now, potholes aren’t uncommon on our British roads, quite the opposite in some parts of the country. However, with the extreme weather conditions we’ve been experiencing up and down the country, many of the weaker roads are crumbling like soggy, left-over Christmas cake. So beware and be on the look out, for tyres are at a high risk of taking damage when driving over potholes. A particularly nasty hit can alter a vehicle’s steering and suspension which ultimately will reduce the vehicle's safety.

Paul Watters, Head of Roads Policy at the AA, recently had this to say on the pothole problem: “Potholes are beginning to appear now because of the severe cold damaging the roads. It is widespread pretty much everywhere that has had the cold and frost. Normally it's a spring phenomenon when the rains come but this year we have had the vicious cold for so long it has seeped right into the foundations of the roads. This just adds to the massive backlog of £1bn of repairs that need doing and most authorities have a backlog of years."

If you are unlucky enough to hit a pothole and if your tyres take a beating you can be assured that when you have to go out and buy replacements Blackcircles.com's prices are low and extremely competitive – more often than not you’ll find saving of up to 40% compared to the high street tyre retailers.



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