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Dated: 08 January 2010

Poor Levels Of Tyre Safety In Ireland


It was revealed yesterday that one of the worst countries in the EU when it comes to tyre safety is the Republic of Ireland. This is according to the results of Michelin’s 2009 Fill up with Air campaign.

Throughout last summer the road show visited some of the top cities in Ireland including Dublin, Galway and Limerick. During that time more than 800 cars had their tyre pressure checked and only a staggering 18% were classified as safe, 56% were said to be driving on dangerously under inflated tyres and what was most shocking was the fact that 7% were in fact driving around with punctures.

In comparison, Britain ranked quite well with 36% of the cars tested said to be driving with dangerous tyres.
Peter Snelling, head of communications at Michellin, said: “Tyres are the only thing keeping a car on the road and it’s all too easy for drivers to take them for granted and not treat them with the utmost care and attention that they deserve.

“This year’s Fill up with Air campaign figures have, as we predicted, shown a slight deterioration from 2008 which even then positioned Ireland as one of the worst offenders for tyre safety in Europe. We believe this downward trend could be partly due to the economic climate as drivers try to save money wherever they can.”

Of course, in order to save a quick buck by not replacing old tyres, car owners could be putting themselves at risk - not only in terms of safety but financially as well.

Badly inflated tyres – as well as being the cause of many car crashes - increase the amount of fuel a vehicle uses. This is due to the vehicle having to work harder to combat the increased rolling resistance from an under inflated tyre.

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