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Dated: 26 January 2010

New Servicing Plan Makes the Papers


On the back of Blackcircles.com recent announcement that we intend to launch a new servicing... um... service, through our network of independent garages - which we’ve also pledged to increase by 30% by the end of 2009, bringing our total garage number to within the region of 1600, this is thanks to an increase of 40% in our sales figures compared to 2008 – a number magazines/newspapers, both on and offline have picked up on the story.

On the 19th August, the Scotsman published an article online detailing the reasons behind our planned expansion of the network. In the article Michael Welch, Managing Director and founder of Blackcircles.com is quoted saying, “we are taking market share, some main dealers and some fast fit brands you go into for your tyres are hemorrhaging business… you haven't just got Mike Welch coming up with projects that are going to get half delivered – we have got a team of real professionals that can see them through all the way".

In similar article, the Herald newspaper and AM online magazine covered the news of our plans. AM Online’s article which can be read online had the following information, “online tyre retailer Blackcircles.com will launch a service offering in October this year. Managing director Mike Welch said the move would be revolutionary and include bespoke pricing... in preparation for the move, Blackcircles.com will expand its network of independent garages by 30% by the end of the year.”

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