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Dated: 19 January 2010

Continental Hopes 'To Sign New Talent For The New Season'


Continental has a long standing association with the beautiful game and this year, with their sponsorship of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, it is no different.

Building on the football theme, Continental is hosting - in their German home market - a programme, called "Kick It with Continental", aimed at attracting potential new employees to the company. The programme is a day event where 400 students will participate in presentations, contests and panel discussions with famous German football personalities, such as Karl-Heinz Korbel, (Karl-Heinz played from 1972 – 1991 for Eintracht Frankfurt and currently holds the Bundesliga record for most appearances – an impressive 602).
When asked about “Kick It with Continental”, Sehnaz Özden, worldwide head of Human Resources Marketing and Recruiting at Continental explained, “Our intention in today launching student events all over Germany in conjunction with the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is to present ourselves as an attractive employer, drawing the attention of students to the diverse possibilities awaiting them at Continental”.

If presentations, contests and moderated panel discussions aren’t enough for the 400 participating students, tours of four Continental facilities - where the days are being held - will also be on offer.


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