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Dated: 26 January 2010

Consumer Focus Warning Article


If you are a reader of Garage and Mot magazine you will have perhaps seen the Consumer Focus Warning article recently written by Martin Scholes. If you missed it, let us fill you in - the articles focuses on a recent declaration that “unless independent garages agree to sign up to a new, voluntary code of practise it [Consumer Focus] will push for industry-wide laws.”

In a bid to find a balanced argument to the recent Consumer Focus statement, the magazine contacted Blackcircles.com for a quote. Michael Welch, Managing Director and founder was more than happy to oblige and the provided the magazine with his views on the subject. The following are extracts, of Michael’s views, from the article:

“There have been so many pieces of regulation recently, it’s hard for independents to stay on top of it all... garage owners aren’t interested in justifying their own existence... I visited one of our garages last week; the owner had 16 certificates and said none of them had brought new business.”

Michael continued by saying, “Where there’s an opportunity for business to drive more customers to their door, they’ll do it, but otherwise they don’t have time. Most small businesses don’t have head offices or compliance departments and can’t afford to throw money and hours at the newest regulatory fad”.

Michael finished his statement by saying, “The government should be engaging directly with garages and organisations like ours to ensure they provide initiatives that deliver meaningful results.”

Unfortunately there are no online copies of the Garage and Mot magazine, so if you wish to read the full article, including Michael’s complete views on the subject you will have to hunt down a copy at your local news agents.

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