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Dated: 09 February 2010

‘Tyred’ of Flat Plotlines? 


When you’re at the cinema or watching a film in the comfort of your own home have you ever found yourself wishing that there were more tyre themed movies? I’m guessing that if you do, you are in a minority, but fear not your wish has just come true.

 “Who do I have to thank for this?” You might ask me - eager to know who the ‘genius’ with the vision is.  
 “Why it’s none other than French director Quentin Dupieux” I would reply, whilst trying to figure out why someone would make a film starring a tyre.
 “Sorry, who?” Would no doubt be your next question.
 “He produced ‘Flat Beat’ apparently; you know that music video with the puppet Flat Eric” I would explain, deeply wishing we were talking about something else.
 “Oh...” Several seconds would pass as you digest the information. “...Great!” Would be your final say on the matter before you run to your computer trying to find out when it will be released.

Dupiuex’s film - imaginatively named “Rubber” – has, according to internet chatter, a rather simple plot. A tyre (named Robert) is abandoned in the desert. Robert then comes to life and starts attacking and killing all who cross his path.  At least it’s original.

Whether or not this film is going to be any good is hard to gauge at this point in time, at least with it being a low budget flick, the pressure to do well is not too high.

At the moment there isn’t any information on whether anyone in the UK will be distributing it, but if someone does it should be rolling (sigh) onto cinema screens later this year.



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