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Dated: 05 February 2010

Pothole Problem Not Going Away


As previously reported earlier this year, the ‘big freeze’ really did a number on the British roads and with each day there seems to be the discovery of more potholes.

As it stands at the moment, it is estimated that there are at least 1.6 million potholes in England and Wales alone – making driving in some areas almost impossible.

It is estimated that to completely fill a pothole the cost is in the region of £70. Where does that money come from? Taxes of course. According to Asphalt Industry Alliance the total cost – that rests on the taxpayer’s shoulders - to fix every pothole is currently around the £10 billion mark.

In an attempt to get the holes fixed as a matter of urgency, the Local Government Association – they represent the councils in England and Wales – has requested £100 million of ‘emergency financial support’.
However, experts are estimating that even before the arctic conditions hit Britain the number of potholes - on average - was one ever 120 yards of road. This means that fixing the problem is likely to take decades to complete.

With the number of potholes increasing so has the number of accidents, which in turn has given rise to the number of insurance claims to fix damage to vehicles - quite often the worst damage is to the tyres.

David Weeks, Director of the Asphalt Industry Alliance, when talking about the amount of money spent on compensation said, “It’s a vicious downwards spiral. We are getting to the stage where a lot of funding that should be going to proper planned maintenance is literally being poured into potholes”.

David Weeks concluded by saying, “this is the legacy of years of neglect” - a feeling shared by many people throughout the country.



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