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Dated: 08 February 2010

Michelin’s Eco-Friendly Racing Tyres


This year at Le Mans 24, Michelin are taking further steps to fulfil the commitment it previously made to help protect the environment. During this year’s renowned endurance race - which is in its 78th year and that will take place on the 12th and 13th of June - Michelin have announced that their involvement will feature a new innovative range of eco-friendly tyres. 

This new range also will be taking part in the Michelin-organised “Michelin Green X Challenge” which is to take place for only the second time. Despite it being a new event, the challenge has already become an important part of the regulations of the event.

Michelin know the importance of providing good, long lasting tyres at an endurance race the scale of Le Mans and so Michelin employed engineers and chemists have worked tirelessly to develop the new range to be used this year.

The eco-friendly aromatic oil-free tyres will be a first in endurance racing and motorsport enthusiasts across the globe will be watching carefully to see if they live up to the hype that is beginning to build around them.

Michelin have stated that these new tyres will “push the envelope” in three of the major areas needed to ensure a competitive race – maximum grip in both wet and dry conditions, the long life of the tyres and  the reduction in fuel consumption.

This new tyre range has a lot to live up to, with Michelin having won the previous 13 Le Mans races in a row – part of the 19 total wins they’ve had since they started participating in the race. However, if the tyres are as good as Michelin have claimed, it looks like win number 20 could very well be on the cards.



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