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Dated: 01 February 2010

Illegal Tyre Dumping Problem Keeps 'Piling Up'


Recently the British government has implemented new laws and regulations in an attempt to greatly reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill sites across the country.

These new laws and regulations have been successful in some respects and have even given birth to a new “recycling” industry within the UK.

Despite the positives however, there is an alarming increase in people who are willing to take advantage of this new industry and laws by posing as a legitimate business, when in fact they are just dumping waste illegally.

This problem is no rifer than in the tyre recycling industry. For a long time old tyres have been regarded by many to be one of the more difficult items to destroy in a clean and environmentally friendly way.

There are a number of good, honest and legitimate companies out there that can recycle tyres in the correct way. However, despite the industry making good progress throughout 2009, there is a widespread problem of individuals and franchises that pose as legitimate tyre recycling businesses. They take used tyres from tyre manufacturers (at a price of course) and then promise to properly recycle the tyres, before just dumping them in any way they can. More often than not their methods are severely damaging to the environment.

 It has been estimated by the Environment Agency that around £2,300,000 is spent annually to investigate and stop illegal “tyre removal” scams.

If you are ever unsure of the best way to recycle your tyres it is probably best to get in touch with your local council to seek their advice on the matter.



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