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Dated: 10 December 2010

Winter Tyre Demand and Stock Levels at Blackcircles.com


It comes as no surprise that with the bad weather that has recently swept across the UK, the demand for winter tyres has been colossal. Over the past couple of weeks (ever since the heavy snow first hit the UK really) the number of customers arriving at the Blackcircles.com website after using 'winter' and 'snow' tyre related phrases in the major search engines has increased by around 1,400% when compared with a month previous.

With this influx of customers looking for winter tyres, the actual sale of winter tyres has increased to around 800% when compared with October and by 350% when compared with the number of sales at this time last year.

Many motorists are quickly finding out that even at times when there is very little demand, the supply of winter tyres to the UK is quite low. Many manufacturers are forced to send larger quantities of tyres to parts of Europe where winter tyre laws exist. As such this massive surge in demand has resulted in there now being very little winter tyre stocks left in the UK – for all retailers.
Due to the drop in stock levels, we have our team of buyers working hard to source new supplies of winter tyres, however at present it is impossible to give any accurate dates as to when new stock will be in. However, if you have tyres which are beginning to hit the 2mm mark in terms of tread depth, don’t hold out in the hope of getting your hands on these now rare winter tyres. Even though it is a fact that winter tyres are capable of giving you much better grip in the snow and ice, brand new regualar tyres – with their maximum tread – will prove to be better than tyres which are nearing the end of their life.

If you are determined to buy winter tyres we recommend regularly checking back the Blackcircles.com website to see whether or not new stock has come in.

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