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Dated: 22 December 2010

Car Parts at a High Risk of Failing in Winter


One of the UK’s leading car insurance companies Warranty Direct has released a statement which claims that car parts are around 283% more likely to fail when exposed to freezing conditions – like the conditions which are currently gripping the UK.

This statement comes from a recent study into the 50,000 live vehicle policies and 50 different components on a vehicle which are at a medium to high risk when it comes to causing a vehicle to break down.

Of the 50 components tested, it was found that the ignition coil is the most likely to break. This is closely followed by both the thermostat and the fuel injection pump.

The most expensive parts which will cost a motorist over £1,000 each when repairs are required are the torque converters and the automatic clutch.

Despite the fact that motorists cannot do much about how low the temperatures will plummet, they can take positive action by making sure that throughout the year – and especially as the year enters the darker, colder months – they have their car checked out by booking it in for a car service.

By doing this on a regular basis, any weaknesses within the components of a vehicle – which could turn into major issues in the freezing conditions – will be spotted and rectified early on. Giving a motorist the best chance of making it through a cold spell with their vehicle unscathed.

On the fuelcards.co.uk, Managing Director Duncan McClure Fisher was quoted as saying, “As well as potentially messing up people’s New Year plans, or leaving drivers stranded in freezing weather, the garage bills these failures can cause are not what anyone wants at a time when bank balances are already lean from Christmas spending.”

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