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Dated: 20 December 2010

Car Insurance Claims Rise Thanks To Weather


One of the UK’s leading car insurance companies – the AA - has reportedly seen a large increase in the number of claims since the freezing conditions began at the start of December.

Overall the insurance company claims to have seen an increase of around 10%, however for the areas of the UK with the worst winter weather – Scotland and Wales – the figures are higher. Of the claims made in Scotland 51% have been due to snow or ice and in Wales this figure sits at around 34%.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance was recently quoted by postonline.co.uk as saying, “If the police in your area are advising drivers not to travel then it is sensible to heed that advice and monitor the situation locally.

During the run-up to Christmas, plan your journey to take account of the latest local forecasts and try to stick to main roads, which are more likely to be gritted.

“If the road surface is icy, our advice is to try to keep a gap of 10 seconds between yourself and the vehicle in front to minimise the risk of you sliding in to the car in front.

“Provided you are fitting wheels and tyres that meet the car manufacturer’s specification – you can confirm this by checking your car handbook or with your local main dealer – and they are professionally fitted, AA Insurance doesn’t consider this to be a modification and it shouldn’t be an issue for other insurers.”

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