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Dated: 08 December 2010

Bad Weather Brings Pothole Threat


With the bad weather already hitting the UK sooner than some may have expected, the word from the experts is that the worst ever pothole season could be just around the corner. 

Road safety website, Potholes.co.uk, which allows users to leave information regarding the spotting of new potholes over the country, has already this year seen a 100% increase in web traffic since the blanket of snow covered the country.

Warranty Direct, one of the country’s leading providers for car warranty runs Potholes.co.uk, and has released a statement which indicates they are expecting a dramatic rise in the number of axle and suspension claims. 

Potholes are created when water (or in most cases at the moment, snow) enters into existing cracks in the surface of the road. When this water then freezes it expands. This causes the road to break open. When the ice then melts holes begin to appear. Repetition of this cycle is what causes the most damage and creates the biggest potholes.

Duncan McClure Fisher of Warranty Direct has quoted recently as saying, “The roads are going to deteriorate incredibly quickly over the coming months. Given the severity and earlier than normal arrival of harsh wintry conditions, everything is pointing towards a miserable period for motorists.”

“Local councils and Central Government have a duty of care to maintain the roads of Britain. Yet, with the extended period of cold weather and councils trimming budgets across the country, it’s hard to see how they will be able to tackle what points towards being the worst ever pothole season.”

If you discover a pothole near you, log onto the website to register so that others can avoid it.

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