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Dated: 12 August 2010

Fly Tippers – You Will Never Win


There seems to be a lot of positive stories hitting the news lately of tyre fly tippers getting their comeuppance - proving that even if a tyre dumper has been operating for a long time, they will get caught in the end.

The latest ones that we’ve seen include Malcolm Regan – dubbed a 'Prolific Fly Tipper' by tyrepress.com. He was handed a four month prison sentence for his crimes of fly tipping tyres - which go back as far as 2005.

Malcolm Regan's illegal actions have apparently cost the tax-payer hundreds of thousands of pounds a year in clear up costs and been the cause of at least two factory fires.

Another story to hit the news is that of a have-a-go hero who was able to catch a fly tipper in action, before detaining them until the police arrived.

The fly-tipper in this instance was spotted by a parish councillor throwing tyres over a wall down a small country lane. Determined that the man should be punished for his crime, the councillor - Paul Bateman – parked his car across the country lane effectively blocking the fly tipper. Paul Bateman then simply called the police and waited for them to come and pick up the man.

When talking about his actions, Paul Bateman said, “"The man was very upset, hurling all kinds of abuse at me but I wasn't going to let him go until police arrived. It's about time the people who blight these roadsides get what they deserve."

So, we hope that this proves to be a warning to any would-be fly tippers out there – no matter how tempted you are to engage in this kind of illegal activity you will inevitably end up on the receiving end of a fine or potentially even a prison sentence.

Is it really worth it?

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