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Dated: 11 August 2010

Chrysler UK Ltd Team Up With Motor Code - Industry First


On the 2nd August 2010 Chrysler UK Ltd joined up with the motor industry's independent regulator (for the UK) Motor Codes to survey motorists who use the Chrysler service and repair centres. The main goal behind this industry first for Chrysler is to manage and continue on its pledge of delivering a first class experience for all customers.

Metin Tahsin, the Customer Relationship Manager at Chrysler UK Ltd, said, “Offering our customers an open and transparent survey with the added authority of Motor Codes will provide even greater peace of mind and allows each of our dealers to publically demonstrate their high standards on the Motor Codes website.
“The easy to use management suite enables us to monitor quality and to identify areas for improvement while providing our garages with a persuasive marketing tool.”

With this scheme put in place, it looks like Chrysler is set to further enhance the stellar reputation they already have for quality and customer relations. This in the long run will undoubtedly go a long way in not only keeping existing customers happy, but also attracting new ones.

Chris Mason, Motor Codes Director, was quoted as saying, “Chrysler’s move to adopt the Code survey is an important step forward in the rapid development of Motor Codes and the standards it maintains across the service and repair sector.

"The thorough nature of the survey and its ease of management attracted Chrysler to use it nationwide and it’s certainly going to open the eyes of other manufacturers that hold customer service standards in high regard.”

The system was launched last week and sees customer receiving automated emails requesting that they fill out the survey. This information can then be viewed on Chrysler’s Motor Code profile page when using the Garage Finder tool.

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