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Dated: 19 April 2010

Under Inflated Tyres Very Common Across the EU


Recently the results from Bridgestone’s “think before you drive” campaign – that took place in 2009 – were published. When taking the statistics from all 15 countries used in the campaign, it is apparent that around 81% of motorists are driving around on under inflated tyres.
These stats come from around 52,400 tyre safety checks carried out by Bridgestone throughout the EU. In order to try and show people how wasteful – as well as dangerous – it is to drive on under inflated tyres, the manufacturer has worked out that the drivers from the survey with low air pressure have collectively wasted four billion litres of fuel and released approximately 9.3 million tons of unnecessary CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

On top of these rather alarming figures it seems that over a quarter of the vehicles tested were mounted with tyres that Bridgestone called “seriously under-inflated”. As well as drivers dropping the ball on air pressure, the tread depth figures haven’t made for much better reading. 16.6% of the tyres were found to be under the EU legal minimum limit of 1.6mm.

Bridgestone were quick to point out the many dangers and hindrances to your drive when you are out on the road. Not only does a tyre with inadequate tyre pressure increase the rolling resistance of the vehicle – therefore increasing the fuel usage – but it also means the tyre wears far quicker than it would if the pressure was correct. Tyre tread depth which is below the legal limit also poses a very dangerous and potentially fatal risk. The amount of control that a driver has significantly decreases once a tyre gets below 3mm.



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