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Dated: 06 April 2010

Tyres that Go Bump in the Night


In the past, people were quite used to feeling fear when visiting a garage. Especially once the bill had been produced.

However, according to an article published in yesterday’s Daily Mail, visitors to a tyre depot in South Yorkshire have something a bit more supernatural to be scared of.

Owner, Nick White, went to the newspaper with the story that a ghost in 1940's clothing haunts his garage. He claims that the “supernatural visitor has been running riot” in the garage that was originally a chapel, but was also used as a mortuary during the Second World War.

The ghoul has apparently been known to throw stones and coins at mechanics and even stack piles of new tyres up during the night - after the building has been locked up. The ghost first made itself known to previous owner Nigel Lee – who brought in a member of the church to perform an exorcism – back in 2003, but went quiet after Nick took over the business.

However, the strange events have started up again recently with the ghost leaving pre-war coins on the garage floor. So far there have been two cases of pre-war coins turning up; one from 1936 and the other from 1938 (that's the date of the coins by the way, not the dates of the instances when they've shown up!)

Nick White told the Daily Mail, “I took all the strange stories with a big pinch of salt when I bought the place. But I wouldn't like to say it's not true anymore. There's no logical explanation for the two old pennies turning up like they did. I wish there was.

“It's a little bit scary knowing that there's something happening while the place is locked up at night.”

Some on the internet have already disregarded the claims as a PR stunt, whilst others believe it to be a true mystery. Either way, it’s a good story.



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