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Dated: 08 April 2010

The Scars Left By Winter Are Still Damaging Our Tyres


In a statement released by Bridgestone yesterday, it has been estimated that the total cost to fill all the potholes in Britain could reach upwards of £10 million. On top of the astronomical cost, it is estimated that it could take over ten years to fix.

Bridgestone have apparently been swamped with incidents of motorists arriving at their dealerships across the UK in desperate need of new tyres thanks to tears and cuts caused by potholes. It has been calculated that of all the replacement tyres requested in Bridgestone dealerships since the New Year, 8% of the cases were caused by potholes.

Senior analyst at Bridgestone, Andy Dingley, said, “We have definitely seen an increase in motorists coming into our customers dealerships to replace their tyres as a result of pothole damage. Whilst potholes cannot always be avoided, we urge drivers to be aware of them - if you have to drive over them, do it with caution and do it slowly.”

Andy Dingley continued by giving one piece of advice that could help to reduce the effect of driving a pothole: “One way to minimise damage from potholes is to ensure they are correctly inflated to begin with. Under or over inflation of your tyres can cause even greater structural damage to the tyre if the car comes into contact with a pothole.”



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