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Dated: 27 April 2010

Test Your Tyre’s Air Pressure before the Bank Holiday


The negative effect of having the incorrect air pressure in tyres has been covered by a number of different tyre websites lately. Today we want to try and hammer that message home once more, especially with the bank holiday weekend just around the corner.
Now, recently most of the news stories connected with a tyre’s air pressure have focused, almost exclusively, on how this increases the amount of fuel that your vehicle consumes. Understandably this is a very important issue that needs to be brought to light. However it shouldn’t cloud over the more immediate and potentially fatal effect of having the incorrect air pressure in your tyres.

Of course, when it comes to incorrect air pressure there are two general camps - too little and too much.  Each comes with its own dangers.

With too much air in the tyre the shape changes in such a way that there is less of the tread hitting than the ground. This increases the amount of wear a tyre goes through – often the wear is uneven – and can lead to a blowout when driving as it increases the heat of the tyre.

With too little air too much of the tread hits the ground, increasing the amount of resistance to movement (this is why low inflated tyres make your car use more fuel than it should). Again, under inflated tyres can blowout when driving. In both instances the level of handling and response that you would expect from your tyres is greatly decreased.

In short – poorly inflated tyres drastically increase the chances of you being involved in a crash.

So, with the bank holiday coming up many of you might be planning on getting away for a long weekend. This could mean a long drive. Before setting off please check your tyres using a pressure gauge and add or remove air where necessary. This will go a long way to keeping you safe on the roads.



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