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Dated: 07 April 2010

New Continental UHP Tyre


Continental recently presented their latest ultra high performance tyre to the world. They have boldly stated that the ContiSportContact 5 P will offer maximum support to sports cars in both wet and dry driving situations.

To help make the tyre as effective on wet roads as it is on dry ones, the Continental engineers have produced the tyre using new carbon blacks (Carbon black is a form of amorphous carbon that has a high surface area to volume ratio) and new resins which help to support and enhance the litheness of the tyre.

They have also decided to use a mixture of aramid and nylon threads in another bid to improve the flexibility of the tyre’s surface.

This new tyre is also said to feature a number of small tread blocks around the side and down the middle of the tread. These help to quickly and effectively slice through pools of water and then disperse it from beneath the tyre, thus reducing the chances of aquaplaning.

Already the new ContiSportContact 5 P has been given OE approval for the Renault Megane II Sport RS, the Mercedes AMG C-Class and the Audi TT RS. It looks likely that even more car manufacturers will be naming the tyre as OE on their cars soon.



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