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Dated: 01 April 2010

Motorbike Safety Month Has Begun


It is April right? Blizzards, floods, cars trapped on the roads and trains engulfed by snow slides. It seems a lot more like winter than the first few days of spring.

Anyway, even though many parts of the north of the UK has been handed a wintry slap in the face by the weather, for the other luckier regions, apparently, are receiving weather that will encourage motorbike owners to don their helmets, rev their engines and head out for a spring ride. If that sounds like you, then you might be interested to know - if you don’t already - that now we’ve entered into the month of April it is officially ‘Bike Tyre Safety Month’.

This has been created to try and raise awareness of important bike maintenance practises that are sometimes overlooked. After all, one of the most essential areas of the bike that is commonly taken for granted is the tyres. As a motorbike’s tyres are the only contact that it has with the road surface, it is imperative that they are kept in good condition to lessen the chances of accidents that could occur.

Some of the quickest and most fundamental tyres checks that a motorbike owner can carry out before setting off on a journey are visual inspections. Take a few moments to check the tyre’s surface for any unusual signs of wear, cracks, cuts or bulges. Also, check that the tread depth is deep enough and has sufficient tread, capable of dispersing water from its path. It must also be at least 1mm deep to comply with current British laws.

One other check that should be carried out on a regular basis is the tyre pressure. This should always been done when the tyres are cold and a pressure gauge should be used to get an accurate reading. If your tyre’s pressure is too low fill it up to the correct level immediately. This can be the difference between crashing and riding safely.

So, for those of you not affected by the freezing weather or floods, then go out and enjoy your motorbikes – but make sure you’ve checked your tyres before setting off.



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