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Dated: 28 April 2010

Intelligent Tyres Are on The Way


Tyres that are able to monitor their own condition and report to the driver – through a vehicle’s electrical system – the condition of the road may sound like science fiction to those not involved in the tyre industry, but according to Schrader Electronics – a company that develops electric sensors for vehicles – this type of tyre could be common place sooner than you might think.

According to an article published by pistonheads.com, the development of automotive applications by Schrader Electronics is focusing on a sensor that they mount to the centre of the tyre instead of on the rim – like current Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems. This sensor then transmits data wirelessly to the vehicle’s Engine Control Unit which will, in turn, display information to the driver.

Schrader Electronics have apparently signed a deal with Pirelli Tyres, which could see early examples of these intelligent tyres – to be named “Cyber Tyre Lean” - hitting the market as early as the end of 2010. The full version of this is estimate to come out in 2013 and will be called simply, the “Cyber Tyre”.

It all sounds very exciting and with tyres telling you what its own air pressure is, how hot or cold it is and even the average number of revolutions is it doing we could end up seeing less “tyre neglect” related accidents on the roads – we’ve got our fingers crossed on that one anyway!



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