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Dated: 02 April 2010

Easter Break Get Away


So, Easter weekend is upon us and a lot of you will no doubt be setting off on journeys to visit your family, your friends, or simply to just get some peace and quiet after a hard few weeks of work. Good times.

However, after you’ve loaded up the car, watered the plants and made sure that the next door neighbour has a spare key in case of emergencies, you might want to do some quick and simple checks on your tyres. Not many people realise, but with the extra luggage, the force now being bestowed on your tyres could cause them to lose pressure and make them potentially hazardous for driving.

Before beginning your drive to wherever you’re going, it would be sensible and highly advisable to quickly check your tyres for any unusual signs of wear and tear. Also, test the depth of the tread to ensure that it is – at the very least – 1.6mm. Although for a truly safe drive it would be best to have the tread depth reading at around 3mm. Finally take your car to a petrol station and use the air pumps to check the tyre pressure. If there is not enough air in the tyres, blow them up as required.

After those checks all you have left to do is get to your destination and then enjoy the relaxing Easter break.

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