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Dated: 22 April 2010

Celebrate Earth Day by Reducing Your CO2 Emissions


Merry Earth Day! Or is it Happy Earth Day? We can never remember.

Anyway, on this day that – as Wikipedia puts it – is “designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment”, the organisers of Earth Day have asked people to upload “A Billion Acts of Green" online to show others just how willing they are to save the environment. After a bit of research we found a number of good cases in the UK where individuals are doing what they can to help save the environment.

For instance, drivers in Lancashire are being asked by the Lancashire County Council's Road Safety Group to use this opportunity to discover ways to cut down on their CO2 emissions whilst out on the roads.

Neil Cunliffem, Road Safety Group Manager said, "The easiest way for you to reduce your CO2 emissions is to use public transport or walk and cycle on shorter journeys. You could also share your journey with a friend to save on costs, reduce CO2 and ease congestion.”

Other ways to reduce your CO2 emissions if you are unable to cut down on your driving are:

  • Check your tyre pressure regularly – by keeping your tyres at the correct pressure the rolling resistance of the tyres is reduced, meaning less fuel is used.
  • Have your car serviced on a regular basis – keeping your car in top condition with regular servicing can help to cut down on your emissions.
  • Drive within the speed limit – by exceeding the speed limit by 10mph it is estimated that you are using 10% more fuel than someone who sticks to the limit.
  • Remove any unnecessary weight from your car – carrying around excess weight dramatically increases your fuel consumption over time.



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