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Dated: 29 April 2010

Carpets Made From Tyres


If you are currently in the process of redecorating your home and are on the lookout for some intuitive yet environmentally friendly items, you might be interested in buying a carpet that is made from recycled tyres.

This green tip recently hit the World Wide Web, when Kevin McCloud, the present on Grand Designs, blogged about the rather unusual use of tyres.

Now although we can’t imagine these tyre-carpets having the coziness that you might traditionally associate with carpets, it definitely occurs to us that these could turn out to be the most versatile flooring you are likely to buy.

From his blog on the guardian website Kevin McCloud said, “We throw away 486,000 tonnes of tyres every year in Britain. Tirex carpet tiles are recycled — with a minimum of processing — by slicing old tyres and rubber machinery belts into long French fries and then bonding them together side-on.

“The durable fabric webbing that is inside the tyre wall is exposed as the top surface of the carpet and the resulting texture is a revelation. Interface Flor sell it as 'entrance matting' but Tirex doesn't look anything like a tyre. Its colours are grey and brown. It is elegant and sophisticated and every office in the world and quite a few homes ought to be carpeted with it.”



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