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Dated: 13 April 2010

Beating Petrol Prices


This month saw the cost of petrol reach record heights and with experts forecasting that prices are set to rise a further 5p before the summer, you could be excused for feeling a bit depressed over the current price of petrol.

However, at Blackcircles.com we have made it our job to try and lift you from those petrol price blues with some tips on how you can best the petrol prices. Some of them are simple little tasks that won’t take long, others are more work, but well worth the effort in the long run.

How to beat the petrol prices:

Maintain your tyres

By keeping your car tyres in good condition (i.e. ensuring that air pressure is at an optimum level) you reduce the amount of rolling resistance and therefore don’t force the engine to work harder than it needs to - cutting fuel consumption.

Service your car

If your car has not been serviced for a while then it may be a good decision to take it in for one.  A good car service can make sure that all parts of your car are working efficiently and are therefore are not causing the vehicle to consume more fuel.

Try not to drive around with the kitchen sink

Check what you have stored in your car – especially the boot. You may find that there are items in there that you do not need to be carrying around with you. By removing them you are reducing the weight of the car – helping your fuel economy.

Don’t speed – know your limits

It has been estimated that people who stick to the speed limits save as much as 10% on their fuel bills than compared to drivers who don’t.

Switch off

If you are stuck in a traffic jam then switch off the engine. This not only saves your fuel but stops your car from releasing unnecessary CO2 into the atmosphere.



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