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Dated: 20 May 2009

EU labeling plans concern Continental


Continental has voiced its concerns over potential problems with the EU labeling laws due to come into force in 2012 claiming that experts are still skeptical about the problems involved.

The labeling regulations due to come into force in 2012 are designed to make motorists aware of tyres offering safety combined with low rolling resistance. Continental press officer Alexander Lührs  explained, that this ?would mean the industry had to not only determine precisely and identify the values of each tyre line, but also of each tyre size," which Conti believe will, sooner or later, inevitably lead to higher prices.
Conti also points to the need for the label to have clear graphics in order that customers are able to understand the new system clearly and argues that all suggested graphics so far are hard to understand, in particular the those indicating braking distance.

One strategy put in place to assist motorists understand the new label system is an online fuel calculator which will be made available, allowing consumers to compare individual models. "On many of the products the difference will be marginal" cautioned Lührs. "But the safety requirements made on tyres should not be pushed completely into the background in this context."

As well as the ability of customers to understand the new labels Conti has also voiced concerns over potential problems with certification and subsequent checks on tyre values. Alexander Lührs fears that "as long as the authorities have no way of checking or imposing sanctions, the whole thing is not as effective as it might sound."

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