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Dated: 05 May 2009

5-6% improvements with the ContiSportContact 3


The ContiSportContact 3 range available in 17, 18 or 19" with V, W, Y and Z speed ratings is the latest in Continental's range of ultra high performance, and yields greater performance levels in dry and wet coinditions, claims Continental.

When compared with its predecessor the ContiSportContact 2, braking distances on both wet and dry roads have been reduced by five per cent each, whilst aquaplaning protection was improved by six per cent. The new asymmetrical tread pattern design has enabled the tyre developers to achieve a high level of grip and the tread ribs are designed to deform minimally, so that the ground contact patch remains constant, even when taking bends at speed.

Rolling resistance and tyre wear have also been reduced, by 5%, when compared to the ContiSportContact2.

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