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Dated: 07 July 2009

First Low Rolling Resistance Tyre for Cooper


In response to the ever increasing demand for greater fuel efficiency Cooper Tire and Rubber has launched the Cooper GFE (Greater Fuel Efficiency) its first low-rolling resistance tyre. The range is aimed at drivers of fuel-efficient vehicles with key fitments including the Honda Civic and Toyota's Corrola, Prius and Yaris.

The Cooper GFE has a T speed rating (118 mph / 190 kph) which meets or exceeds the original equipment requirements of a large number of vehicles.

"With the recent volatility in gasoline prices, customers are looking for ways to improve their vehicle fuel economy," said Chuck Yurkovich, Vice President of Global Technology. "Tyre rolling resistance has a significant impact on vehicle fuel economy, so Cooper responded with a new tyre specifically designed for fuel-efficient vehicles."

The GFE also includes traction compensating sipes which increase in length as the tyre wears. According to Cooper, the interlocking action of the sipes helps provide more stable handling when the tyre is new, then adds length to the biting edges throughout the tyre?s life. This allows the tyre to maintain both wet and winter traction as the tread wears.

The GFE is already available in the US - let's hope it's not too long before this is available in the UK

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