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Dated: 05 February 2009

The German Automobile Association award the Michelin Energy Save


Both tyres have been awarded a “highly recommendable” rating, as 85% of the summer tyres produced by the Michelin group have in the past in tests Carried out by ADAC and its Austrian and Swiss counterparts — Österreichischer Automobil Motorrad und Touring Club (ÖAMTC) and Touring Club Suisse (TCS). T

he comparative tests involved eighteen different 185/60 R 14 H tires and nineteen 205/55 R 16 W tires.
Performance was tested in 5 major areas dry grip, wet grip, fuel consumption, longevity and comfort (including noise).

The overall three-star rating awarded to the Michelin Energy Saver and Primacy HP reflects the two tyres’ exceptional performance in each of the categories. The  two Michelin Tyres also received the highest longevity and fuel efficiency tests showing their ability to help reduce operating costs.

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