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Dated: 11 December 2009

Transense And The KERS Success


The success of KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) in Formula One this season has been one of the most hotly debated topics of the racing year.  From the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) reportedly trying to have the technology banned for the 2010 season, to claims from Peter Windsor – an American broadcaster involved with the new F1 entrant for 2010, USF1 - that it may actually become a compulsory part of racing.

One group of people that have been relishing in all the KERS spotlight however is Transense.

Transense are a technology transfer company – who develop Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW), wireless, battery-less, sensor systems for the automotive and industrial markets – and have been working very closely with McLaren Electronic Systems over the past eighteen months. They were instrumental in the creation and operation of the KERS based torque sensor that – after a slightly shaky start – experienced fantastic success towards the end of the F1 championship.

Here is what Peter van Maden of McLaren Electronics had to say about his workings with Transense, “We have enjoyed working with Transense Technologies in developing a successful torque measurement system that provides reliable and consistent measurements in the harshest of racing environments and we look forward to continuing cooperation with their technical team on further projects”.

A happy experience for all involved it seems, and with KERS technology seemingly here to stay, 2010’s Championship is shaping up to be a very interesting one indeed.


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