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Dated: 06 April 2009

Tyre pressure checks to be compulsory in California


On March 26th the US state of California adopted a regulation which will make it compulsory for every automotive outlet to check tyre pressure on every vehicle they service. The  new regulations will cover almost 40,000 businesses, including pollution inspection stations, repair centres and vehicle servicing centres.

Taking effect on the 1st  July 2010 the act, one of 44 early action measures, is intended to help extend the average tyre?s life by 4700 miles, help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 700,000 tonnes and the states fuel consumption by 284 million litres.

Barbara Riordan, board member of the ARB commented that "Checking tyre pressure is one of the many simple things that we can all do to reduce our impact on the environment?.While we should do this monthly, this measure makes it convenient and regular." Dan Zielinski, senior vice president with the Rubber Manufacturers Association added that, "Under-inflated tyres waste fuel, cause tyres to wear out prematurely, and increase drivers' safety risk?This regulation will help protect California's environment, help consumers save money in fuel and tyre costs, and help Californians optimise vehicle safety."

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