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Dated: 03 April 2009

Over 3 million motorists on illegal tyres


According to new research released by Continental this week up to 3.5 million motorists in the UK are driving on illegal tyres. the study showed a worrying lack of knowledge by British drivers when it came to tyre safety. Of 4000 road users surveyed 1 in 10 drivers were running on tyres below the legal tread depth of 1.6mm, 40% claim to have never checked their tyres and a third did not know how to check tyre pressure or tread depth.

Tim Bailey, head of safety for continental said "It takes less than three minutes to check tyre tread depth and tyre pressure...Not only will it keep you legal and safe, but motoring costs are reduced if tyres are maintained and properly inflated. In addition, properly maintained tyres will significantly enhance car handling."

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