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Dated: 02 April 2009

Dunlop Tyre ranked top by MCN


In an article published this week Motorcycle news (MCN) has ranked the new Dunlop Qualifier II tyre above its rivals. In a testing sessions in the south of France during the official launch last month senior road tester for MCN, Michael Neeves, tested the tyre in dry and wet conditions and has claimed that the new Dunlop tyre is “2009’s most important sports tyre.”

Tested against Bridgestone and Pirelli branded tyres Neeves says that “the new Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier II out-performs rival sports bike tyres from Pirelli and Bridgestone …. Riding on the Qualifier II, it has even better grip than the Bridgestone, but the ride quality is plusher and there’s lots of feel…The Qualifier II is between four and six seconds quicker than its rivals, depending on the Dunlop tester, which I can well believe.”

The latest offering by Dunlop in the motorcycle sport tyre market, the Sportmax Qualifier II features a Multi-Tread compound with a directional tread design. It is claimed that this provides improved performance whilst reducing step wear and a new compound mix used in the tyres enables a broader range of operating temperatures which, Dunlop claims, allows faster-warm up times, even at low external temperatures, alongside greater wet and dry road grip and high speed stability. Neeves concludes that “The Qualifier IIs give a better ride, lots of grip, excellent stability and faster steering…. It’s clear Dunlop has put itself on top of the sports bike tyre pile” Communciations specialist at Dunlop, Kate Rock said that, “We are pleased with the response to the tyre so far and are proud to be ‘top of the sports bike tyre pile,’

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