Yokohama Parada Spec 2

Parada Spec 2


205/45 R17 W (88)

Parada spec-2 defines tuner performance standards by exceeding expectations for performance and looks. Massive diagonal tread blocks, function follows form, Parada's massive tread blocks they are specifically designed to maximise grip by putting more rubber where it's need most- on the road. helical long groove, the angle of the helical long groves and their distinctive s shape effectively evacuate water to enhance wet traction. the Parada's variable tread depth as stability to adjoining tread blocks for enhancing handling. low void shoulder, Parada's ultra low void shoulder enhances vehicle stability
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Customer Comments

  • Not very good in the wet, too much slide.

  • Tyres still going strong after a year of use on the rear of my car.

  • Used to have Bridgestone Potenzas which are as sticky as you like but these are stickier!! Quite drive, good grip in wet and dry conditions, outstanding turn in. The ride is a bit harsh (but then it was always going to be on 215/40R17s) but other than that, very impressed so far. Remaisn to be seen what longevity will be like though!

  • Great in the dry, not as good in the wet as would expect for such a brand name, I've a 250 BHP VR6, so it's probably expecting a bit much from the front wheels in the wet, but still a great tyre.

  • Seem a bit slippery when roads are wet/damp, but on dry sticks quite well.


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  • Massive diagonal tread blocks maximises grip.
  • Helical long grooves enhances wet traction.
  • Low void shoulder increase rubber to road contact.

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