Advan Sport V105S

Car Tyre
Tread Type:


225/40 R18 Y (92)


Customer Comments

  • the tyres are performing well good grip and feel in the dry, and very good in the wet surprisingly so.

  • The grip has improved, compared with oem fitted tyres

  • Plenty of grip in the dry and wet

  • One of the best tyres I've had the pleasure of driving on. The wet weather grip has been outstanding throughout the life of the tyres. The tyres give me more confidence going around corners on winding roads in the areas I travel through and are a lot better for the set up of the vehicle than the originally fitted Pirellis.


Customer Ratings

Number of ratings: 5

  • Car feels better to drive:
  • Would buy again:
  • Value for money:
  • Overall rating:
  • Latest YOKOHAMA technology blends sport and comfort.
  • Excellent wet performance.
  • Low rolling resistance and low external noise.
  • Developed with premium high performance car manufacturers.

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