Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 Tyres

Advan Neova AD08

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285/30 R18 W (93)

Yokohama Neova AD08 - Fast Just Got Even Faster!

The all new Advan Neova AD08 has been meticulously developed by the industries top engineers to be the fastest street tyre available today. Utilizing technologies derived from the research and development of the world class racing tyres, they have created a tyre without compromise. Born on the race track. Bred for the streets. Appreciated by the world's most descerning drivers

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Customer Comments

  • Best tyres I've had to date! Grip just gets better as you drive! Noise isn't noticeable, last well for a soft compound tyre - I would buy them again BUT This means I would need another set of tyres for winter. Price is a little high but well worth it if you do track days! Without the need to buy track day tyres.

  • Yokohama AD08s are amazing. Cornering speed is massively increased, wet and dry grip is immense and the tyres are awesome on track taking my lap times at donington park down by 6 seconds!

  • Fantastic, even in the snow on an MR2 which is rear wheel drive...

  • Now, I fancy myself a bit of a hand. With that out of the way, here goes. Replaced a set of Bridgestone Potenza RE40s with Advan Neova AD08s and the difference was instant. MR2 now feels like a weapon; despite mellow appearance MR2 tends to show a bit of hard sinew here and there when driven hard and does have something of a mean streak. On these tyres the levels of dry grip are pretty startling at times and the way the car carries speed will put you at risk of losing license time and again. Once you work out that with these boots on 90 degree turns at junctions CAN be taken at 45 - 50 mph, roads become a playground. Risky stuff. Dry grip is phenomenal, levels of road feel are a little scary at first as you will find steering wheel chatter (loudly) at all speeds, braking distances shrink substantially and even wet grip is perfectly respectable (DO avoid puddles, though!). Tyres are quieter than RE40s but noticeably less comfy. Car still stays perfectly compliant, though and (as m

  • Judged as a fast road/ trackday tyre these are recommended for excellent grip, improved steering response and resistance to overheating during heavy track use. Downsides for road use are increased tramlining, poor ride comfort and increased noise; but for me the benefits outweigh the negatives.


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  • Yokohama’s advanced tread compound delivers unprecedented grip in wet or dry conditions, while improving treadwear.
  • Low void to tread ratio keeps more rubber-to-road contact for maximum performance.
  • Wavy center ribs add stability and lightning-fast steering response during high-speed driving.
  • Outer rib walls are rounded to reduce uneven treadwear.
  • Tiny slits in the groove walls help effectively distribute stress loads to minimize uneven wear.
  • Specially placed steel inserts help resist lateral deflection while providing superior handling control and enhanced cornering.

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