Uniroyal Rainexpert


185/65 R15 T (88)

This tyre is engineered with three main strengths: improved stopping distances on wet and dry roads, better resistance to aquaplaning and a longer tyre life. Stopping distances are shortened with angled sipes in the tyre shoulders and at the centre of the tyre which provide for more grip when braking. The high degree of protection against aquaplaning is achieved by double concave grooves, bigger in the centre of the tread pattern to disperse water more efficiently. The RainExpert also features visual alignment indicators (VAIs) on both sides of the tread to indicate uneven wear. The VAIs help to indicate incorrect wheel alignment at an early stage so that corrections can be made to avoid excessive tyre wear.
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Customer Comments

  • I replaced a set of Continental Eco-Contacts with these tyres. What a difference! The road noise is dramatically reduces, and the holding power of the tyres is noticeably better. These are not tyres for speed, but they grip well in all conditions, including torrential rain. The tread design also looks like it will be very good in snow when winter comes. I would rate these tyres highly for safety and grip. The very deep tread suggests that they may wear well - will have to see.


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  • Superb performance with V-shaped tread pattern.
  • Offers shorter stopping distances on wet and dry roads.
  • Longer life tyre.
  • Excellent anti-aquaplaning properties.
  • Visual alignment indicators help spot uneven wear.

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