Proxes T1-Sport


295/30 R19 Y (100)

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  • These replaced Pirelli Pzero Silver on a 2012 Audi RS4, and were an immediate improvement. They car rode better than the Pirelli, with less noise and good grip. Fair value too.

  • These are a superb tyre - quiet, appear to be wearing well after 8000 miles, brilliant traction.

  • An amazing tyre, grip in the dry is as good in the wet, had the tyres on 2 days and over the 2 days had hot dry conditions (strangefor october) and next naturllay raining, but very happy with them and im hoping to wear out my rear tyres so i can have these put on the back also. My MK4 Mondeo has never felt more happier on the roads.

  • Much better handling in the wet and dry compared to my previous tyres (pirelli p-zero). Even changed my front tyres that had 5mm left on them as they were noisy and not as good in the wet as the Toyo.


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  • Superb handling in both dry and wet conditions. Wide central rib improves high speed stability.
  • Asymmetric tread with increased contact area leads to excellent cornering and braking performance.
  • Wide straight grooves in the tread design reduce risk of aquaplaning.
  • Designed with high performance vehicles in mind.

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