Proxes T1-Sport


235/50 R18 Y (101)

The Toyo Proxes T1-Sport is a high performance tyre designed to deliver responsive handling and reliable grip at top motorway speeds.

Featuring the use of wide ribs in outside edge of the tyre's tread pattern, the Proxes T1-Sport delivers a stable and reliable performance when cornering.

To tackle the risk of aquaplaning and increase the braking performance of the tyre, Toyo have constructed the Proxes T1-Sport with two wide grooves on the inner section of the tyre's tread.

To ensure that the tyre remains stable at high speeds, Toyo have incorporated the use of a wide centre rib, to ensure the optimum amount of tread is in contact with the road at all times.

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  • Superb handling in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Wide central rib improves high speed stability.
  • Asymmetric tread with increased contact area leads to excellent cornering and braking performance.

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