Toyo Proxes T1-R

Proxes T1-R

195/45 R15 V (78)

The Toyo Proxes T1-R is a high performance car tyre designed to provide motorists with a enjoyable and safe performance.

The Proxes T1-R has been constructed with  a unique performance compound - containing increased levels of silica - and unidirectional tyre tread pattern. The v-shaped tread pattern and deep grooves are effective in dispersing surface water away from the tyre's path - providing the car with strong grip in wet conditions.

Toyo have desinged the Proxes T1-R with rigid shoulder rib-bands. These enhance the traction in cornering and also reduce irregular wear over the life of the tyre - keeping a consistent performance throughout the time the tyres are fitted to a vehicle.

Bound by circumferential groove, turning is razor sharp whilst still allowing the tyre to run quieter and last longer. The Proxes T1-R is available in a huge range of popular sizes, from 14” right up to 21"


Customer Comments

  • Grippy, but not as durable, good value for the grip level.

  • Loads of grip in dry, wet and even snow (not ice!) Excellent Tyres

  • i found these exellent for grip in the dry. these are not a very long lasting tyre if you drive the car agressively but still better than eagle f1's this is my 4th set on the front. deff this buyers choice.

  • Excellent tyre with stiff sidewalls and fantastic grip in wet and dry.

  • very good tires once run in. even giving a v hard time most of the time they have lasted a good time. excellent in the wet too!!


Customer Ratings

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  • Excellent handling in dry and wet conditions.
  • Directional tread design provides good water dispersal improving wet performance.
  • Excellent stability even at higher speeds.
  • Designed to provide excellent performance on high performance vehicles.

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