Toyo Proxes CF1

Proxes CF1


195/65 R15 V (91)

The Proxes CF1 is developed with a modern high performance family saloon in mind. With impressive resistance to tyre wear you can be assured the CF1 will deliver good value for money. On top of that, its asymmetric tread pattern makes sure that handling is equally responsive on both wet and dry road surfaces. The Proxes CF1 is available in a range of 13” – 17” sizes.

Customer Comments

  • Brilliant tyres for my Mazda MX-5, grip well, good in the wet or dry. Excellent value for money!

  • Great tyres and great value.I was worried that the compound would be too soft but the last set of Toyo CF1's has done 35000 miles with no problems at all, and I have used the same tyre to replace them. Good dry and wet grip and transforms the handling of the vehicle.

  • These tyres have done 30,000 miles on the front before they needed changed, excellent value!

  • Excellent tyres, replaced a set of Police issue Michelins with these after reading good reviews, they offered very high dry road grip and I never experienced aquaplaning in the wet. They have lasted 18 months, about 20K miles. Still acceptable on the cold, wet roads with legal minimum tread, about to order a second set. Ignore the 'Mid-Range' tag, they are a premium tyre, just very good value!

  • Last set of these tyres wore very well (30k Miles) excellent value for money.


Customer Ratings

Number of ratings: 70

  • Car feels better to drive:
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  • Overall rating:
  • Good handling in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Good braking performance in dry and wet.
  • Excellent water dispersion provides superb resistance to aquaplaning.
  • Low noise levels provide comfortable ride.
  • Long life.

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