Enduro 816

155/65 R13 H (73)

The Runway Enduro 816 is a budget car tyre.

Runway have designed the Enduro 816 with four wide circumferential grooves to improve water dispersal when driving in the rain - reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

The tread of the Runway Enduro is made from a silica compound for lower rolling resistance - whilst at the same time delivering excellent grip in wet and dry conditions.

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  • Worn out MUCH quicker than 16 (sixteen) years old original tyres that came with the car! The originals were excessively used by even learners . Yet most of them are still there whereas Runway Endure both died - one worn out/punctured while the other just worn out after less than 2 (two) years of light use in town. USELESS. WILL NEBER BUY AGAIN.


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  • Four wide circumferential grooves provide efficient water dispersal and outstanding wet performance.
  • Silica compound reduces rolling resistance while providing excellent grip in wet and dry conditions.
  • Provides comfort and excellent steering response.
  • Extended shoulder grooves provide superb cornering stability.

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