Winter 210 Sottozero Serie II (Winter Tyre)

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ReinforcedWinter TyreMercedes MO
Tread Type:


245/45 R17 H (99)


Customer Comments

  • My previous winter tyres have been the GoodYear Ultragrips - which have been nothing short of astonishing for wet and snowy roads - my previous Mondeo the 205-sections were unbeliveable, easily able to stop and restart on a hill in snow deeper than it's axles. They were also very good on my 245-section E-Class last year. This year however I thought I'd give the Pirelli's a go as my milage & reliance on always being mobile has dropped and they are £30 a corner cheaper. First impressions are good. Very solid on cold, wet, salted roads and also quite up to the limited Derbyshire hill snow we have had so far. Fuel economy has taken a small dip over the summer tyres (as always) and noise is a little up, but on par with last years' tyres and perfectly acceptable. If you don't need the ultimate, they are much, much better than summer tyres on cold, wet, greasy roads and appear to be more than good enough in snow. I'm very pleased with them and depending on how they wear will consider them

  • They are performing well, even in the summer so far.

  • much better wet grip on cold days


Customer Ratings

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  • Winter tyre.
  • Offers superb traction in winter conditions.
  • Also offers excellent performance in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Asymmetric tread design provides two characteristics, the inside provides snow traction whereas the outside is designed to improve performance in wet and dry conditions.
  • Excellent stability.

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