Pirelli Scorpion Zero

Scorpion Zero

4 x 4 Tyre
Tread Type:


255/60 R18 V (112)

Ultra high performance all-season tyre, with a striking tread pattern design and a top speed attitude. Designed for on road use, Scorpion Zero™ offers high speed comfort, low noise levels, precise handling and quick steering response. Its technical characteristics ensure maximum performance, safety and excellent traction

Customer Comments

  • every time i've bought these tyres from Black Circle they have cheaper than the last time KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  • These tyres were fitted to my Freelander to reduce road noise. They provided a smooth and comfortable ride.

  • a few days after fitting the tyres we had a cold snap with 20cms of snow, followed by days of road ice. I was very impressed with the performance of these tyres on my Volvo XC90; in my opinion they have restored my faith in the vehicle as a winter car, after the poor driving experience with the Volvo-recommended Continentals which really are a summer and rain tyre. I'll be interested to see if I can reach the 40k miles on this set reported by another reviewer, compared with the usual 17k with the Continentals. So glad I made the change.

  • Best on / off road tyre for big shoguns and lasts for around 26k can not go wrong on the road and copes with mild off road tracks and not to bad on wet grass /light mud .

  • Had these tyres before and don't think you will get much better for a Discovery.


Customer Ratings

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  • Unique high performance tyre derived from the legendary P Zero™.
  • High-speed comfort and precision handling.
  • Low noise levels.
  • Ultimate fitment for wider alloy wheels

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