Pirelli PZero

P Zero

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Run Flat
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205/45 R17 V (84)

The Pirelli P Zero is an ultra high performance tyre selected as original equipment (OE) on some of the world's premium cars - including the Ferrari 599 GTB, Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT, Audi Quattro R8 and Mercedes S-Class AMG.

The P Zero tread pattern features three solid central ribs which work to optimise the contact area between the road and tyre - delivering a reliable braking performance and ensured grip at high speeds. The tyre also contains three wide longitudinal grooves which collect and disperse surface water from the path of the tyre quickly - helping to reduce the risk of aquaplaning in wet conditions.

Pirelli have constructed the P Zero with a striking asymmetric pattern to deliver an even wear and lower noise levels, to help aid in a comfortable driving experience.

Self supporting Run Flat version also available.


Customer Comments

  • Seem fine to me and slightly quieter than my previous run flats which is nice. I'm no tyre or driving expert, and my previous set were very good at gripping/holding the road and these seem to be similar so far, but I've not done a longer faster road trip with these yet.

  • Excellent

  • Excellent performance, would definately stick with these

  • Very well. Very happy with them.

  • Good grip in dry and wet


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  • Ultra High Performance tyre with asymmetric tread design.
  • Asymmetric tread is designed to give even wear and lower noise levels.
  • Three wide longitudinal grooves ensure high aquaplaning resistance.
  • Original Equipment on many performance vehicles from the top manufacturers including Aston Martin, BMW, Jaguar, Maserati, Mercedes and Porsche.

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