Pirelli P Zero Rosso

P Zero Rosso

Car Tyre
ReinforcedAudi AO
Tread Type:


255/35 R19 Y (96)

The Pirelli P Zero Rosso is an ultra high performance developed for modern sports cars and to deliver the optimum balance between performance and ride comfort.

Pirelli have designed the P Zero Rosso with wide longitudinal grooves around the circumference of the tyre. These grooves are effective in removing surface water from the path of the tyres before enough can build up to cause the car to aquaplane.

A asymmetric tyre tread pattern delivers lateral rigidity - this enables impressive grip and traction when travelling at high speeds.

The Pirelli P Zero Rosso has attained over 200 Original Equipment approvals by the most prestigious car manufacturers.


Customer Comments

  • Too early to tell, the new tyres where placed on the rear to replace worn out ones on the front. But early indications are looking good. Little bit icy on the roads recently, but the car sticks to the surface like glue

  • Brillant tryes lastesd 2 years on my Audi RS4.

  • Excellent control and grip.

  • Complete control even in the wet though not brilliant clearing standing water on the motorways at reasonable speed. A roads in the rain! No problem.

  • Good so far. We'll see how they do in the wet!


Customer Ratings

Number of ratings: 19

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  • Overall rating:
  • Ultra High Performance tyre.
  • Precise wet and dry handling.
  • Continuous Longitudinal grooves to reduce danger of aquaplaning.
  • Original Equipment on performance vehicles from the top manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, Mercedes and Porsche.

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