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Pirelli P Zero Nero

P Zero Nero

Car Tyre
Tread Type:


235/40 R19 Y (96)

The Pirelli PZero Nero is the ideal finishing touch, together with large diameter wheels and ultra-low profile tyres, for coping with engine power and maximising vehicle set-up. The P Zero Nero ensures precise cornering, excellent grip, even under extreme stress, and optimum safety on wet asphalt. With sizes up to 22", and its irresistibly aggressive look, extended to the shoulders and sidewalls, the Pirelli P Zero Nero adds a dynamic effect to car changeovers, also when dealing with the sport versions as produced directly by the Car Manufacturers.
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Customer Comments

  • Fantastic tyres, without no doubt make a difference to car. At first I thought the power had dropped, until I realised just how much grip these tyres have. They make you feel so much more confident behind the wheel. Yes they are nosier than cheaper more efficient tyres. Yet they are better in so many ways. Would recommend to anyone.

  • not managed to have a decent dry drive yet due to the fantastic summer we are having so far, but wet grip feals comparable to the michelin ps3 these have replaced

  • Great tyre in the dry, not bad in the wet. Fantastic steering feel and the tough sidewall really gives you confidence in the corners.

  • Very happy with deal

  • Replaced original standard fit items on Fiesta ST after 17000 miles and very happy!


Customer Ratings

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  • Excellent grip.
  • High resistance to aquaplaning.
  • Asymmetric tread design offers superb handling.
  • Excellent braking performance.
  • Original equipment from leading manufacturers including Alfa Romeo, Jaguar and Peugeot.

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