P Zero Nero GT

Car Tyre
Tread Type:


235/40 R19 Y (96)


Customer Comments

  • Efficient & effective, greater grip

  • Performing Well, although those I replaced were still performing well although the time had come to replace them.

  • Tyres are excellent and offered fantastic value for money on the black circles website, saving me over £60 compared to other sites.

  • performance is great!

  • Seem to be wearing well , they give good grip


Customer Ratings

Number of ratings: 6

  • Car feels better to drive:
  • Would buy again:
  • Value for money:
  • Overall rating:
  • Evolution of the P Zero Nero with enhanced performance.
  • Enhanced wear resistance without compromising sport performance.
  • Fast cornering reaction and improved handling.
  • Efficient braking safety in wet and dry conditions.

Got any question about this tyre, contact one of our experts on sales@blackcircles.com

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