Pilot Sport 3

Pilot Sport 3

Car Tyre
Tread Type:


225/45 R17 Y (91)

The Michelin Pilot Sport 3 is perfect fo sport-oriented vehicles and high-powered saloons delivering the ultimate in enhanced driving sensation.

Michelin have designed the Pilot Sport 3 with an enhanced tyre profile to quickly disperse any standing water from the path of the tyres to reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

When looking at the sidewall of the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 you will notice the 'GREEN X' badge. This has been awarded to the tyre as a symbol that the tyre provides you with the highest energy efficiency levels on the market.  Michelin are able to achieve energy efficiency with the use of their high performance 'Green Power Compound' - a unique compound mixture that enables the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 to deliver fantastic grip - even when driving on wet roads - as well as fuel saving and a long tyre life.

Click here to find out more about the 20% more mileage claim.


Customer Comments

  • Excellent price and Great Service

  • Have had these before. Not the cheapest tyre by any means. But these give a lot more feel and precision through corners as they have stiffer sidewalls than a lot of other tyres on the market with very jelly like sidewalls.I realise they are not most fuel efficient, but the difference is only marginal.

  • 30,000 hard driven miles with great readholding and handling on both dry and wet roads

  • positive steering,superb grip, comfortable ride, excellent wear characteristics- you probably cannot better them.

  • Fitted these tyres to my accord type-s due to it having arrowspeed tyres on it from when I bought the car. The car is completely different and at high speed it feels planted with no wondering at all. I've used PS2 on a Saab 9-5 aero and couldnt fault them one bit which made the choice easy when buying the PS3's. Grip is unbelievable in the corners even in the wet. Rear tyres will be swapped next month to PS3's to give the car a well balanced level of grip.


Customer Ratings

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  • Car feels better to drive:
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  • Reliable grip and shorter braking distance on wet roads.
  • Precise steering acclaimed by car manufacturers
  • Outstanding energy efficiency and total long lasting tyres 
  • 20% more mileage

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